Training is all about one thing...YOU.  If a training program isn't tailored directly to you and your life it's destined to fail.  I work closely with every single one of my athletes to ensure that their custom program is working for them.  My job is top get you where you want to be, so let's work together to make that happen. 


Race Training- For the person who has serious goals, and needs someone to drive them to success through constant attention, planning, feedback and review.

Race Training Program Includes
*  Includes Core stability program
*  Includes Strength training program

*  Instruction for exercises
*  Testing for Threshold Heart Rate and Functioning Threshold Power

     (If applicable)
   - Test results allow us to determine your proper training zones for heart rate and  power.
*  Consultation to determine goals and how they can be achieved.
*  Program set up through Training Peaks
*  Training Peaks Interaction and Account (athlete is required to upload data daily)
*  Email/Call response within 12 hours.
*  Coached rides at discounted rate (any discipline possible: XC,DH,DJ)

Cost is $185.00 per month