Jonathan Gabor

     Jonathan has over two decades of racing and training experience, and is an impassioned coach, rider, and fitness professional.  Since he began racing in 1992 he has competed in 100’s of races of all disciplines, and he has used all of that experience along with research to develop his style of training.  You will never hear him define himself as a certain type of rider, and you can just as easily find him in the woods or on the road.  The companion for his training style is a love for a foundation built from mobility, strength and core.  Through research and personal experience he has created cutting edge workouts and routines that are designed specifically for cycling.  His approach to training is different than other coaches in that he has very strong beliefs in making the body safe and strong through mobility and strength training. 

There is no one type of athlete that Jonathan works with.  He works with a large range of clientele and disciplines. Including endurance, downhill, enduro, super d, cross country, cyclo-cross, and the weekend warrior.


Contact:   610-216-3338

One life, one chance, so make the most of it!