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     My style of doing things is about listening to people, focusing on their goals, and applying the best practices and knowledge to get great results.  Take a moment and listen to what others have to say about how how I've helped them and changed their lives.  -Jonny

I am so grateful for the skills and handling work that you did with me a few weeks ago. After just 3 hours of working one on one with you, I have gained confidence on descents and my cornering has improved significantly, which have both led to improving my overall average speed. I appreciated that you asked me about my concerns and goals in advance so that you could tailor a program specifically for me that was challenging and fun at the same time. I also appreciated your patience and encouragement as I kept trying until I got it right. My only regret is that I didn't contact you sooner! Thank you - H.H.

I've been riding bikes since I can remember. It has always been my favorite thing to do whether it was just playing around with friends, transportation or getting down and dirty. Last year I decided I wanted to get a little more serious about my mountain biking and needed some direction. So, I gave Jonny G Coaching a call and we got together to talk about what I was looking for. I've been working out since high school and thought I was in good shape. Jonny got me on the right track with my workouts to make me a stronger, more conditioned rider and my gains have been huge. He practices what he preaches and if you put the hard work in your advances are limitless. I strongly recommend giving this guy a call if you want to raise your level.  M.S.

"My life revolves around mountain biking, I love it and love seeing myself get better at it. But I want to see how far I can push myself and how good i can get and I realize that is not a feat i can achieve on my own. I've talked to and researched several coaches and Jonny is the best fit for me because he is not only highly knowledgeable on different styles of training but really loves what he does. Seeing someone bring that kind of passion in and treat it like more than just a job is what I want in a coach. Jon definitely is always trying to further his own knowledge and experience, which shows in the fact he practice what he preaches and how he adjusts my training plan or clarifies things I am unsure of based on my feedback. I've actually had people ask why I choose to work with him and straight up told them he is a geek about fitness and training, not some meat-head who believes you need to go 110% intensity everyday until you're beaten to a pulp. So far I feel more fit than I ever have and I'm not even riding as many hours a week as I once did". S.M.

So... Had my first of MANY sessions with Jonny G MtbTraining Coaching today! What a great experience!! I've been a sports trainer for over 10 years. This man knows his shit! He watched me, saw my flaws and came up with a comprehensive plan to help me on the spot! What impressed me the most was he took my style into consideration and adapted to me. The last thing you want is someone telling who you should be. You need someone who helps you be the rider you are. I was amazed at how he spotted my deficiencies immediately and corrected them. No pressure, no ego, no problem!! Btw... As you read this I'm already faster than you! D.T.

I had some improvements this year and my overall fitness is better than it’s been in years. I owe all of this to Jonny G! If you’re looking for a coach or thinking about using one, talk to Jonny G. He is very serious about his training and will also be for yours.  G.C.

Jonny has lots of experience working with women riders, he's extremely knowledgeable and eager to share without being the least bit condescending"  E.W.

"Jonathan has a genuine desire to learn from other health practitioners, diversifying his approach for the good of his clients. He is a rare find" R.R.

 "I'm a more casual rider than the type that usually gets coaching, but a few years ago I wanted to make some improvements to my offroad bike-handling skills, and I turned to Jon for help. Over several sessions he analyzed my ride style, gave me specific suggestions for improvement, and taught me drills to build new good habits. We also rode some local trails, stopping to analyze and practice on the more difficult sections. I still ride these trails every week, remembering and using the tools Jon gave me to ride them faster and more gracefully."  D.K.

Thank you Jonny G MtbTraining Coaching for helping me find some much needed speed...I could feel the improvement in my trail riding from the high tension spin classes. A.F.

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