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Have you ever been on a ride and just wanted to do something but you didn't know where to start?  Well, lets change that and make you a better rider!

I have worked with hundreds of riders and I can tell you that what you're experiencing is completely normal.  Many people who ride a bike are never taught proper technique or form.    They ride more in hopes of getting better, but end up struggling, crashing, and develop bad habits.  My job is to reduce the frustration that comes with learning a new skill or technique.  


So how does someone set up a session?

It's very easy.  You just email me and we begin the process of reviewing what you need as a rider and then start scheduling where and when we will meet.

Where do I do lessons?

I teach at most parks and trail systems in and around the Lehigh Valley and also at Blue Mtn Bike Park and Mountain Creek Bike Park.

What do I teach?

I teach all aspects of riding.  The areas that are usually covered are body position, braking, turning, obstacles, drops, jumps, bunny hop, picking a line, roots, wheelies, you name it we can work on it together.

How much is a lesson?

Lessons are done at an hourly rate of $60.  Depending on the location an additional travel fee may apply. 

Do I do group clinics?

Yes, the group rate is determined by the amount of people, length of clinic, and location. 


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