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JonnyG Life Cyclist Program- For the person who has serious goals, and needs someone to drive them to success through constant attention, planning, feedback and review.

Life Cyclist Program Includes
*  Includes Core Strength Program
*  Includes Strength Training Program
*  Testing for Threshold Heart Rate and Functioning Threshold Power

     (If applicable)
   - This is to ensure the best results and most accurate numbers.
   - Test results allow us to determine your proper training zones for  heart rate and power.
*  Consultation to determine goals and how they can be achieved.
*  Monthly workout schedule to develop body strength and power
*  Weekly workout review
*  Weekly Ride set up through Training Peaks
*  Training Peaks Interaction and Account (athlete is required to upload data daily)
*  Unlimited contact, both coach and athlete initiated
*  Email/Call response within 12 hours.
*  Monthly rides (any discipline possible: XC,DH,DJ)

Cost is $185.00 per month (Youth 16 and Under $150.00 per month)

You have the option to have me train you in person and go over each exercise, form, rep, and sets.  Most people find themselves highly motivated in this environment and appreciate the time spent learning and correcting their mistakes.  It leads to safer and more effective time training.  This is an hourly rate that is added to an existing program. 

Cost is $25 per hour at my location.




Cyclist Core Strength and Developmental Program

This program is about building up a solid, strong, resilient body. This is essential for riders and racers alike. A solid core not only helps make you become more at efficient pedaling, but this helps in power delivery and energy conservation. Cycling requires powerful legs and a strong upper body. In this program I’ve taken years of experience and training and put them together to make you a stronger, faster, and more in control cyclist. We work together to develop a balance in upper body and lower body strength. Gain the confidence to get over obstacles, power up climbs, and charge descents
*  Exercises designed specifically for cyclist

*  Videos to explain each exercise
*  Each plan is designed around the athlete, their body, and goals
*  Designed around your current fitness and taking you to the next level
*  Weekly Review to keep progression on track
*  Form Review - Instruction as to how to perform each exercise
*  Training Peaks account

Core and Strength Training $160.00 per month



Threshold Heart Rate and Functioning Threshold Power Testing

*  STOP guessing what your heart rate and power zone training zones should be.
*  After the test we will review your results and set up your training zones.
*  The test will also give us insight into your current fitness and help determine fitness/training goals.

*  2 hour procedure.
*  Your test results are kept on file as well as being emailed to you.

Cost is $65.00



One on One Coaching -  I use this time to work on a lot more than just a person's riding.  I will start by  examining the riders bike fit and  bike set up.  If the bike isn't set up correctly it can make learning and improving very difficult.  I will also assess how a person's body interacts with their bike.  Some people are nervous, have bad coordination, or are even impeded by an injury or medical condition.  I break down what's good and bad and then we focus on correcting the issues.  One on one coaching is based on an hourly rate and traveling fees may apply.

Hourly Rate:  $50.00  (and up depending on location as traveling fees may apply)


Group Coaching -  This is based on the amount of time needed and the size of the group. 


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