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I couldn't be happier to know that you want to build or maintain your fitness with me and other like minded cyclist.  These classes are as hard or easy as you want them to be.  I want everyone to be safe,  so each rider goes at the intensity that works for them.  There are no egos in this class, it's about improving your fitness in a great environment. 

These are not only spin classes but we discuss form, pedal stroke, heart rate, body position, and many other general cycling topics and concerns. 

Classes are one hour and fifteen minutes long.  We start by prepping the body for the riding to come with ten minutes of foam rolling.  This is something I believe strongly in.  It awakens and preps the body for the effort to come.  It is also important in that it helps people discover where they might have some muscular issues that could use more attention.  Then we ride for about 60 minutes and finish up with some light stretching.  Every ride has a warm up period, followed by hills, intervals, sprints, and even some mild core work.  It's all about improving your fitness and getting in a great workout.

Prices are $15 per class, or in a 6 pack for $72. Cash/check/paypal




Bikes are RSVP only.  You need to contact me or sign up through Facebook to reserve a bike. 


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