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2016 Pocono Enduro Mtb Race

I managed to pull of the win at the inaugural Pocono Enduro Mtb race at Glen park in Stroudsburg, PA. The race consisted of three timed stages, with an optional uphill stage. This place has it all when it comes to amazing and FUN terrain. There were jumps, rock drops, steep shoots, berms, and an endless supply of great terrain on each stage. Stage one had me a little nerved up as I hadn't had a chance to ride the entire trail before the race. During my race run I was just happy to stay up and not blow off trail or through any corners. Stage 2 was my favorite and probably the fastest of all the courses. Not only was it fast but it had a few doubles on it. The last stage started out with a lot of tight corners and then aimed downhill where you went through a wet and slightly muddy rock garden before dropping into an open section of very fast single-track. The best part of the day was seeing many friends and smiling faces that I have not seen since last race season. Every race is a chance to catch up on the latest news and happenings in each others lives. The events sponsors the Pocono bike club and Verticla Earth did an excellent job with the event and everything went off without a hiccup. I sure hope they do this again next year.

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