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Sunshine Cycling Disease

SCD or otherwise known as the inability to not exercise on sunny days simply because the sun is out. Yep, we’ve all probably done it. You know you should take the day off, but since the sun is out you feel compelled to get on your bike and ride. You make every attempt to tell yourself it’s going be a great ride and that you’re feeling great, but inside you know damn right it’s a lie. Every time I do this I try to figure out why. I know I should take the day off. In fact every muscle in my body is telling me to stay off my bike. I get home from work and look at the sun, and look at my bike, I look at the sun, I look at my bike. I’ll just do an easy spin…yeah right. I feel that as cyclist we take every day that we can be on a bike as, we must be on a bike. When it rains we feel as if we’ve lost another opportunity to enjoy what we love. I can’t begin to tell you how many days I’ve prayed for rain simply so I didn’t have to ride. I felt compelled to write this as for the last two weeks in a row I’ve had a case of SCD. Both of the rides were horrible. Sorry, I meant to say HORRIBLE!! I left the house feeling blah, and not once did I feel any better than that. I wish I could say that I’ll learn from this but chances are that I won’t. So if you happen to suffer from a case of SCD just know that you’re not alone, and that there is NO cure..:)

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