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Roller racing at Vertical Earth.

I had always wanted to try roller racing, and I finally had my chance. The guys/gals at have gotten into the world of roller racing. They have purchased their own racing set up. As you can see from the pic you race side by side on identically geared bikes. The bikes gearing offers virtually no resistance so to put any distance on the rollers you have to spin at an EXTREMELY high cadence. You would think you would start a fire its so fast. The race started off with everyone putting in a time trial run over the same distance (I can't remember how far) which would decide how the racing brackets would be run. Times were relatively close with 15 seconds being the average, and even though it was only 15 seconds, each second was intense. Throughout the night I raced probably about five or six times and went on to win. The entire night was a blast and people were out having fun. The next event is this Thursday the 20th, at I'm hoping to attend this event as well. I am lit up in blue with the hat on and the Shimano shirt

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