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more these days. Actually let me phrase it more as “watching what I eat” rather than using the word diet. I am not a nutritionist, but I do get asked often about things like what foods I eat, protein, carbs, supplements, etc. I think the first step anyone should do is look at what they eat or drink and decide if they need it, or if they want it. There are things in our lives we need and should be eating and those things that we eat because of convenience or habit. I like my tea sweet and my coffee even sweeter. Why? It’s a habit that quickly grew into a daily routine. So what did I do to start removing this excess sugar and garbage from my diet? I took baby steps. Cold turkey for anything is hard, and can be even harder with our daily eating habits. Little by little I started mixing water into my iced tea until over time the mixture was more water than tea. I’ve recently taken this a step farther and now drink flavored seltzer water over the tea. It’s simple things and steps that lead to a better body and a better diet. I believe if everyone took a look into their food habits they could find small changes that could help greatly with fitness and goals. Imagine all the calories you wouldn’t be worried about burning off at the gym if they weren’t put into your body in the first place. My personal goal lately has been to remove excess sugars from my diet, many of which once they were gone or reduced I didn’t even crave or care about them anymore, but remember....Baby Steps. If you have taken the time to read this and can offer personal discoveries or experiences please share them in the facebook comments, or if you have questions about the other ways to cut out sugar or change bad eating habits please contact me. jonnygmtb©

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