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Super D at Bear Creek with the big dogs.

It was time once again for the Bear Creek Super D race. It would be a new course for 2014, and in my opinion it was a much rougher course than years past. The course had a lot more rock garden sections and demanded your full attention. One wrong move and you were going to be clipping a pedal or handlebar. I decided to ride to the top for each run as I felt it would keep me loose when race time finally came. All together I think I rode to the top 5 or 6 times. After all a race is still training, so why not get a little more saddle time in. I would be the second racer down the mountain for the day. The first racer would be Neko Mullaly fresh off the world cup downhill race circuit. During his short hiatus home I’ve had the privilege of doing a bunch of cross county rides with him. He is about as genuine as they come, just a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. Knowing I would be racing him meant I would have to put out 100% for the entire run, and every line would need to be perfect. The race official gave me my countdown and I was gone, with my heart rate staying pinned and above 190 bpm for the entire run. Now it was time to wait for the rest of the field to race and then wait for results. The crowd grew as racers finished and waited anxiously to see how they did. I knew I had a good run but would it be enough for the win….and it was. I had one by half a second. This goes to show that every pedal, every breath counts in the end. I wish Neko, George, and Brook (Kelly Goosecock) the best of luck overseas and safe travels.

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