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Keeping your training on track

5 Tips to keep your training on track: This year it seems as though every athlete I'm working with has an extremely busy and time consumed schedule. This means missed workouts, setbacks, and a decline in fitness and motivation. So let's discuss what we can do to try and stay the course, and find the motivation to dig deep, and get the work done. 1) Get right in the head as to why your doing this. Think back as to where you were when you started and where you are now. If you love the sport and love being involved, then let that passion and desire for improvement propel you forward. Whether you're racing or just out riding better fitness will make the experience all the better. 2) Lose the mindset of winning. We all want to win, I mean nobody gives away there hard earned money to say "gee, I hope I lose this race today:. However, winning shouldn't be the number one thing driving you. It's something you ultimately can't control, because of the technical aspect of the bike, but what you can control is your fitness, so bring the focus back to that. Focus on being just a little better than you were yesterday. 3) Exercise is going to increase your general health, mood, mindset, and physical appearance. All of these are positive things and we all want to live as long as possible and to continue doing what we love as much as possible. Remember that beside being better for riding we are also making ourselves better for everyday life. (especially if your doing core and strength work!!) 4) Don't be afraid to ask others for help and motivation. Sometimes we need to be reminded of why we want to be better, or what our goals and ambitions are. This cycling community is wonderful and people will always reach out to help push and drive you. If not then just reach out to me and I'll light fire under your ass. 5) Make sure and leave some time in your life to get your training in. Many people get so distracted by things in life (social media, news, politics, etc) That time they could have spent actually training was wasted doing something else. I am as guilty as the next person wasting time on social media, and "guilty" is exactly how I feel when I realized how much time I've wasted. So stay focused and get your training/exercise in first and then do whatever you want afterwards. You wont feel guilty and if anything you will feel GREAT from just working out. I hope this help, and as always please feel free to message me if I can help. Have a kick ass day!

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