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2013 Opening weekend at Blue Mtn.

I woke Saturday morning as if I was ten years old and it was Christmas morning. Instead of GI Joes and race cars it would be a day filled with bikes, fast trails, loose rocks, and fun, fun, FUN!! The parking lot greeted me with many familiar faces and big smiles. Everyone was extremely happy that Blue Mtn had opened the doors to biking again, and we were eager to see what they had to offer. The weather was sunny, and the winds were insane, gusting around 20mph all day. The winds made the chairlift ride to the top quite the experience. Once our tires hit the ground it was go time. Faces ear to ear with smiles and legs filled with adrenaline. Blue Mtn decided to revamp some old trails as well as cut in some new ones. The mix of new and old was just what was needed to keep the day interesting. They also decided to keep the old jump park at the bottom which was the perfect way to end each run. The jumps seemed almost preserved in time, and each felt the same as it did years ago. It was easy to see that Blue Mtn has already put a lot of time and effort into the trails and with each passing weekend they should continue to get better. I heard that work will continue on trails and that some wooden features should be expected. I think it's great that Blue Mtn has put their foot back in the cycling world. Hopefully more and more riders will venture here and make it their home place to ride. This will keep the riding scene going and the trails progressing. Whether you're an experienced rider or a newbie, Blue Mtn has something to offer you.

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